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"We Rise by Lifting Others"

Spiritual healing is the healing of the unseen energy in our energy field.  It is not magic!  We know that we are out of balance if we become angry or afraid about something in our lives.  Anger, fear, shame and guilt each have a unique vibration which is different from the vibrations of joy, laughter, contentment and love. When we carry anger in our energy field regardless of its origin, the vibration of anger permeates our body. That vibration leaves our body when we reach resolution regarding the anger. Or, the anger vibration may remain in our energy field for years,  if it is not completely resolved, released or the person forgiven, who is related to the anger. Spiritual healing is the process of releasing blocked energy which is not serving us well in our lives.

Spiritual healing recognizes that our thoughts, feelings, actions, memories, experiences and bodies are all one interrelated flow of energy impacting each other in thousands of ways every day. This is the mind, body, spirit connection. Every thought and feeling we have resonates throughout our bodies. If we experience trauma, sadness, abuse, fear, abandonment,  our body registers this emotional content in the body. When we are stressed, out of balance, we are more vulnerable to contract infection, virus, parasites, etc. When we are out of balance emotionally or mentally, this always shows up in our bodies, sometimes immediately and sometimes years later but it always shows up.

The way to stay healthy and in balance is to do our inner work. This  work most powerfully consists of  identifying and releasing blocked emotional, mental and spiritual energy which is manifesting as pain, hurt, anger, broken relationships, poor communications, repeating confrontations, back pain, cancer, ADHD, depression, infections, IBS, etc. and all other types of imbalances in our physical bodies.

Each and every one of us is here to learn to be in greater states of peace and joy. Some of us recognize this and others among us do not. We can choose to ignore our inner work but eventually we have to do the work to find peace and contentment in our daily lives. We can spend lifetimes on the externals of what others think of us, on material possessions and on public attributes of prestige and success.  The externals however have next to nothing to do with feeling successful, peaceful and balanced inside. The goal of spiritual/energy healing is peace and wholeness inside. Then our lives, our relationships, our jobs and our bodies come into greater and greater balance.

When we release deep sadness, resentment, hatred, judgement, shame, fear, and give forgiveness, our minds and bodies come into greater balance. When I open a sacred space, I call Divine Presences into work with me to help others who are in need. I know that Divine knowing knows all. Through listening and feeling with the intent to come into balance, we will learn to identify the imbalances and then they can be cast out of our energy fields allowing the body to heal.

Don't look at energy work as quick fixes, as those rarely manifest.  We have to steadfastly seek to connect with Divine Energy because the outer world is more visible, more tangible and seemingly more real to many of us. Until we have real experience with Divine Presence, the thought of this Presence is a vague possibility.  We can experience Divine Presence though other people, nature, creations, etc. but we have to eventually go inside and have a dialog with it and ourselves to feel the connection within. Our I AM Presence, the part of us which is wholly connected and balanced, is within.  If we seek with the attitude that we will get our body fixed and go right on with our behaviors and thoughts which have brought us to imbalance, we won’t be able to sustain any form of balance, mentally or physically, and we'll end up right back where we started.

Our bodies and more importantly our souls won’t allow us to be out of balance without letting us know in very powerful ways. We get as many chances as we need to release resentment, rage, blame, self-punishment and un-forgiveness but there is no way to fool the body into balance.  We come into balance when we are done with giving our power and attention to negative energy which is manifesting as imbalance.

Shamanic and Reiki Healing from an energy worker is essential to help the mind, body, and soul. In my experience, it's doesn't take much time to change these thought patterns, but you have to put in the work to push  out the negative and fill your mind with positive and what you want and desire. Remember back in the day when the book "The Secret" came out? It's not a secret anymore, and it's just as simple as that. You manifest your own reality whether positive or negative. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive life experiences you will have. You don't have to take my word for it. Just try it for a month and see what happens.

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