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I am now on Patreon! I have taken a 3 year break from offering much of my services and now ready to be back online but with even more goodies especially ones many of you have been asking for over the years (Except Facebook, no, I don't want to be active on Facebook as it's not my thing l and deleted my successful business page on there years ago lol) There are numerous levels you can join for different servicves or products such as electronic energy healings, remote energy healings, handmade energy healing products, crystal box monthly subscription boxes that are intuitive (different price levels), and a private online community for sharing my magical gifts and psychic information. There are 13 different tiers you can choose from for either a one-time service or product or a monthly subsription. Several tiers have the exact same offerings as others, but you are given an option on what you feel comfortable paying so nobody is left out ($3.33, $5.55, and $11.11 tiers are the same offerings) I also offer free energy healing tools on my YouTube channel. Subscribe and click the bell if you want to be notified when I upload new material. I post power animal activations, remote energy healings, and other random information. The descriptions are part of the healings. You can find other healings on the channel as well such as energy cleanses or different topics. My Vimeo site has some energy healing videos that are not on YouTube, but I am no longer active on Vimeo. I also create art with healing infused that you can find in my crystal store.  My painted rocks in my shop are are equivalent to in person sessions, however, you have something tangible to work indefinitely. Most of my painted items in my store have healings infused within the pictures for those who do not buy. The listing description will describe this if that is the case. If you look in my store categories, you will them in the "Painted Rocks with Activations "section. I am in a new phase so I'm creating more extensions to what I do, and I feel I can offer material for those in all stages of their journey since I'm such a mixed bag. 


I work hard to buy packaging for my store that has Mother Earth in mind. The packing peanuts are biodegradable unless I'm reusing styrofoam  or other protective materials that were included with new stock. from suppliers. The plastic mailers and bubble wrap can be recycled if you find places that will accept plastic bags since most recycling pickups don't allow them in their bins.  As a business I recycle massive amounts of materials as I have local resources. Grocery stores sometimes have a program to drop them off. Paper boxes can go in regular recycling or compost bins and are great for weed barriers in gardens which can be covered with dirt or mulch (I do this myself and love it especially the big boxes). I have stopped purchasing small plastic bags for small stones or gifts but may use up what I have left. in my packaging stock. I prefer to send items in little bags you can reuse in place of plastic. If there was excessive size to the mailer it would most likely be from running out of the correct size unexpectedly or the next size smaller would not be appropriate. I understand there is always ways for me to improve as a business regarding this, and my intentions are to keep improving. Some things I would prefer may not be appropriate for keeping items safe in the mail, not readily available, or affordable, but my mind is powerful with my intentions regarding this. In time we will have better technology regarding this as well as very durable, earth friendly items that will hold up in the mail and protect very fragile items at an affordable cost to all since it is our future. If we all set intentions to be better at this and constantly find ways we can change even more, we can really help our planet. More composting, more recycling, and less trash in landfills is important. along with tree planting movements. There are better ways, and we are finding them.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey, and remember you are always healing yourself. Anyone who helps you along the way is holding the space to assist your own healing you are manifesting.  Everything I put out there in the world is my perspective, my belief, my truth, and don't make it yours unless you want to create it also. If something doesn't resonate with my information or any other person, for that matter, move on and find what does. Things may resonate later, or they may not ever resonate. Take everything with a grain of salt online especially the spiritual community. We are all creating different realities. There are still so many resources out there with limited belifs, old programming, old templates, and you have to dig to find information that is not disempowering.   Everyone is in a different stage of their path, but sometimes the disempowering way is the "best and highest" way for our personal path. Whatever our soul needs it needs and there technically is not a right or wrong way since our soul is orchestrating everything perfectly.  We all agreed to go through this at different times since it would not make sense for everyone to be in the same stage at once. It simply would not work if that is how it played out. We need souls at all stages to do go through this dance together. I am not saying anyone else is wrong, I'm just simply offering different ways to go through this. The world needs more options and perspectives not less. Essentially, I took the much harder, longer, and more intense path of learning for growth because I didn't know any other way due to limited and outdated resources and how my highest self set this up.  I worked really hard to get to this place and I didn't have any idea how this all worked until I worked on myself enough and I changed my entire world and reality with my mind. Our beliefs create what we experience. I no longer resonate with perspectives that are limited and have only a few potentials. I create infinite potentials, and I share examples and my experience how I consciously create my life. My information is for those who are tired of being miserable, in victim consciousness, or feel stuck. or trapped. I will show you how I earned my keys to unlock my own prison since nothing outside of us has control of us unless we give it to them or believe they/it has power over us. When you truly feel stuck and trapped in life, this is where you go within, and I share tips and tools on what I did to get here and how I stay here (or get back quickly if I fall off the wagon with old habits). People like me fumble every day just like the rest of the world, the difference is we have picked up alot of extra tools to assist which we may or may not use. When you feel mountains are in front you and they won't move, there are ways to make them move and it doesn't involve force only mastery of our minds and embodying our sovereignty. We need to be the change to see the change.  

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