About Me


I do not feel my degrees, certifications, or educational/career experiences really matter anymore with what I'm doing or will be doing. I no longer resonate with a label regardless of what I have been trained in. I am me, and I have experience in a little bit of everything, but since I have always been a lone wolf, I can't be placed within a box. With that being said, I have advanced training and experience in numerous types of reiki, shamanic practitioner modalities, mediumship, and a broad variety of energy healing techniques. All I can really do for others at this point is share what has helped me, and I'm only doing it since so many ask. However, even with things that have helped me, that doesn't mean it will all help me tomorrow since life constantly changes and we evolve. My advice is to follow your own guidance or give it time until that guidance becomes more clear. The times of guides, mentors, gurus needs to come to an end. Much of what was available when I first woke up was disempowering and it still floods the webs/books. There is not right or wrong way to go through this ascension process. Every single thing you read online or in a book is someone's channeled material/perspective/belief. I no longer give away my power reading another's truth while making it my own unless I indeed want to. I know I fully am the master of my world, and pull the strings on everything I experience. I no longer resonate with believing anything external has power over me since that belief gives that power over me. Anyone explaining how to do anything spiritual is only how they do it and with the doors they allowed to be open/closed in their life while believing it. They may say there is one/no way to do it, but I choose to have infinite doors. I don't believe I need to do a certain thing, eat a certain way, practice certain things in order to move forward or have/feel the way that I want. If I feel there is not hope for another or humanity, I am creating no hope for myself. What we believe or want for another (with enough time and energy put in) creates that within ourselves. If you constantly are wanting others to pay for their mistakes you will eventually pay for yours, for example. The external world is our mirror, so what we put out comes right back. Initially, we go through this process being ignorant  and misunderstanding the universal laws, then we go through the stage of seeing how it actually works with our choices/thoughts. Then the training wheels seem to come off and it becomes blatantly obvious on the consequences of how we use/misuse our creative power not understanding how this all really works. Eventually, we get to a place that we see how it all works for ourselves by knowing, seeing, and finally feeling it. Then we are able to self source everything, and when we do not we may continue to experience lessons on giving our power away by seeking outside of ourselves. That doesn't mean we won't make mistakes daily after we realize this level of realization, but it makes it easier to get back on track. So, with all that being said, I am just me. I am nothing special, not some guru, not some chosen one, I am just like the rest of you experiencing this life school, and I chose to come here this lifetime to wake up. I have learned keeping my side of the street clean avoids making my own dirtier. In order to do that I decided to make as many mistakes as I could, fall on my face over and over, and continuously get back up, brush myself off, and do better the next time. I also work hard on minding my own business so I'm not sending negative intentions out to others that will just become a boomerang coming back to rock my physical world with the same intentions. Every thought and action has a consequence, and I take that very seriously now that I understand universal law. I'm only sharing how I managed to survive and get through it which may not work for you. I am just me, and I came here to remember who I really am. Everything I was this life was not that since it was all programming, conditioning, fears, limited beliefs, and soul wounding. 

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