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I am Sarah, and I'm a Shamanic and Reiki energy healer, and I'm here to be at service to the universe. I operate and work from my heart and soul, and my purpose is help others heal themselves. I'm a very empathetic, compassionate, and nurturing individual that was brought up in a similar environment. I found when others don't feel well neither do I, so I've decided to make my life mission to be at service to others and to help make change actively and hopefully on a larger level than I was before. Most everything I do is now guided by my intuition or my spiritual guides, and the faith I have within me.

​Due to walking such a difficult life of challenges, suffering, and obstacles, I feel I can now be such a better vessel to help others as I've walked in many of your shoes (or as close to it as a person can come), and to me that is the best training and experience rather than only learning from a teacher or book. I used to think I was just cursed or unlucky to have lived through such painful experiences, but I know see those as important life lessons and gifts to be able to fully help others and reach an understanding of a person's hardships or level of suffering. It's important to not view "healer's" or guides as gurus on a pedestal. We are no better than you, and what I have to offer are tools I have learned on my own personal ascension journey as well as what worked the best for me. What worked the best for me does not necessarily work the best for you so just take what resonates and leave the rest. We are all one and constantly learning something new which we can share with others. Much of my experience is from being knocked down in a big way or making my own mistakes. I'll help show you how to get out of it, because waking up spiritually or healing involves cleaning up our own messes. 

​In short, the beginning of my life I followed a path I was taught was appropriate by working my way through school, testing the limits of life, and exploring and adventuring until I was ready to settle down. Once settled down I began to get knocked down again and again, and that is is when I truly got a taste of what suffering and pain felt like. However, the pain was the catalyst to search for any way that I could feel better or to get through the different turmoil of my life. The pain also triggered a hidden hunger within me to explore what really was beyond this world. I began receiving numerous types of energy work such as shamanic, reiki, craniosacral, hypnotherapy, or guidance from mediums. This developed into learning about them myself or practicing. I had always been interested in the unknown or unseen and wasn't a stranger to attending psychic fairs or learning about astrology. However, this time I became a sponge, and I just wanted to learn about everything I could, which also involved working with crystals, angel/tarot cards, or other tools. It took some time to narrow down my focus since everything was just so exciting to me, which is when I began diving in and training in particular methods and developing my own. I had asked for guidance on what spirit wanted me to focus on as I had felt pulled in so many directions. Spirit guided me to walk into a physical bookstore and they would guide me on which books to choose. That day I walked out with three in my hand, and that has molded much of who I am today. One book I didn't even know what it was about, but once I began reading at home, I realized my entire life was training and that book just tied it all together. It reminded me of those movies that keep you in suspense until the end where there is a surprise twist with flashbacks of everything that played out tying the truth of it all together. It's an incredible experience to understand who your soul is not just the human who is playing out this part. After all these revelations is when I was  truly called to this work, and It began my deep spiritual journey and love for what many may call Heaven and all who reside within. The ascension process can be wildly interesting and exciting, but I became fully aware that healing takes alot of hard work with releasing blocks, chains, and wounds of the past. Essentially, we will go through a rebirthing process which entails relearning much of what we were initially taught. It is a journey back to self so we can find our inner happiness without relying on others to do that for us. It helps us own our stuff and see why we are the way we are including why we react to others around us. It shows us others are merely mirrors, and what we see in them is what we see in ourselves. It also shows us how to control what's going on in our brains so we can rewire our mental process to work for us not against us. Mastering our own thoughts is such an incredible feat, and it only takes practice and the willingness to change. 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in  Psychology, Sociology, and Education, and I am a graduate from Rapport Leadership International (Leadership Breakthrough I, II and the Power of Communication). I'm a non-denominational ordained minister, and I am trained and experienced in offering spiritual services to hospice patients. 

​I have a vast and broad career in various disciplines, and I've basically done a little of everything from working Corrections all the way to owning then selling my own pet care business. I was told most of my life my changing interests was hindering my growth, however, my constant need for change is one of my greatest assets which I use to my advantage with constantly reinventing myself. I only completed a college degree due to being forced to believe that's what I needed in order to succeed in life. I have found out the main training I have used in my work is actually all my prior experiences in relationships in my life ranging from interactions from strangers to personal ones as well as going through intense life experiences. I am not a doctor or clinical therapist, however, I've had extensive training, and experiences and my brain is like a sponge that I can help direct you in the right direction. Spiritual healings are not to replace your need for medical doctors and therapists, but in my experience, good health involves taking care of all of these aspects equally as well as good nutrition. Many Western Medical doctors are now getting on board with the importance of addressing all of these issues, and finding one who is open can be very beneficial. It's important to have amazing rapport and trust with anyone who is assisting you with your healing especially a therapist. My goal is to assist you with the help of the divine source and to help give you the tools to find your own power so you can help heal yourself. For the times you want others to help and guide you, that's where myself and other mentors come in. We all help one another. 


Intuitive Arts Training

Eileen Dey Wurst, M.A., LMHC (Reiki Training Program)

Founder, Reiki Master, Counselor, and Teacher
The Reiki Training Program is the only licensed vocational school of Reiki in the state of Washington

*Reiki I,II,Master Level


​Sherry Andrea (Sherryspeaks.com)

Energy worker, Healer, Teacher, Author, Radio Host

Kundalini Reiki I,II, Master Level

Michelle Mckinney M.A.- (Northwest Healing and Intuitive Arts)
Shamanic Practitioner/Intuitive Arts Healer
*Shamanic Journeying Intensive
*Shamanic Calling: Healing and Intuitive Arts Training

Rose De Dan, B.A. (Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing)
Animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Author

*Bones, Stones, & Feathers Course

Kathy Landry B.S.

Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Composer, Author 
*Animal Communication Core Basics
*Psychic Mediumship


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