About Me


About Me Section is currently under construction. I wrote this section many years ago, and the person I was then is not the person I am now. I also don't feel my degrees, certifications, or educational/career experiences really matter anymore with what I'm doing or will be doing. I no longer resonate with a label regardless of what I have been trained in. I am me, and I have experience in a little bit of everything, but since I have always been a lone wolf, I can't be placed within a box. When I truly know who I have become then I will update this section. I know many of you can relate. With that being said, I have advanced training and experience in numerous types of reiki, shamanic practitioner modalities, mediumship, and a broad variety of energy healing techniques. All I can really do for others at this point is share what has helped me. However, even with things that have helped me, that doesn't mean it will all help me tomorrow since life constantly changes and we evolve. My advice is to follow your own guidance or give it time until that guidance becomes more clear. You can find great tools and advice from others to help you find your footing, but ultimately nobody should tell you what your path should be. What feels good and right within you?