**Healing Audio Q &A with Guidance**

My goal is to provide more than enough information so you aren't left with numerous questions, have a better understanding how energy healing works, as well as help guide you if you are feeling stuck or unsure where to start.  I've discontinued my one-on-one private remote healing sessions due to my guidance directing me to a different path. The collective needs have changed since I started doing energy healing work years back. Since I am only one person, I was very limited on the amount of people I could help on their journey. The goal of these healing sessions was both to reach massive amounts of people and also for a more cost effective energy exchange. Many in the depth of their ascension journey reach periods of limited financial assets which is a very important part of the journey so we can heal and release blocks regarding money, abundance, and lack mentality. During my own hardships, I relied on tools similar to these or being humble enough to be open to receive help from others. What you think manifests, so it's key to focus on what you want and not what you don't want. Everything is energy, and what you put out, you get back, and that includes spending money. When I started investing in myself with energy healing sessions or tools, I started to receive more and more abundance especially financial. For so long I felt I could not get the healing I needed, because I did not have the money. I eventually realized it didn't work that way, so once I started spending the money, it would come back to me, and I was investing in myself which always has a great return. This includes other pampering and doing little things for yourself. Once you start doing it, you will see how things will start to flow. Even if it's as simple as a salt bath, foot soak, time alone in nature, or turning off your cell phone 


Who is healing me? 

It is important to remember that I am not healing you. There are many misconceptions out there about healers, and people believing they are healing them. Some healers may claim to be healing you or use words implying they are. However, you are a healer, and you are initiating your own healing by consenting to an energy worker to be a vessel/conduit to help deliver the energy to you. When you book a session with someone who does energy work, you are ready to heal/release whatever needs to at that given time, so please don't give your power away by thinking someone else is "healing" you. You are an all powerful being, and you are in charge of your own healing journey. With this higher perspective, it also applies to other practitioners out there such as doctors. They may be delivering techniques, medicine, procedures, etc to help your healing, however, your soul initiated it and is ready to heal whatever needs healing at that time. Sometimes when you work with another energy worker you can receive results much faster than working on yourself alone. Many times on our journey we are just too exhausted or burnt out to take all the extra steps to work on ourselves. That's why these sessions or any others are helpful to help make things easier. You can't beat lying in bed falling asleep playing an audio. I did it for years, as it felt like I was cheating, but it's not cheating, it's just efficient. If you fall asleep, the healing does not stop. 


How many sessions do I need and when should I do them? 

You are the only one that knows the answer to that. Our higher selves know all, and when we tune in we can get all of our questions answered if we really listen. You can look up different methods on how to tune into your higher self, but, ultimately, just do whatever works best for you. Those that may be going through alot may want to go into meditation if you are struggling with having peace in your daily life since a calm mind helps us tune in better. However, all you need to do is take a few very deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 3-5 very long breaths can do wonders to calm your body down. Once relaxed simply ask your higher self your question and wait for the answer. Whatever comes to your mind and feels like a "yes" is what I would go with. Whenever seeking guidance in this way, you will feel if something is a definite "no". It takes time to really tune in to guidance and our higher selves since we tend to second guess it alot at first. Just keep practicing as that's all you need to do. Another method with any questions about your journey is writing it down on a piece of  paper, giving gratitude and thanks, and placing it under your mattress/pillow. This works for me every time and I've heard similar from others. Typically, once you forget the paper is there the answer will come.  You can also include a list of your desires/what you want to release in your life with this method and write the phrase "and so it is, it is done" at the end. One fun question to ask is "Who is my soul really, and where do I come from?" That's one where I had forgotten I wrote the note and a few months later so much unfolded. Follow where you are guided, signs, and synchronicity. You can loop the sessions to play a few times and play as often as you feel guided. Just listen to your body. Some experience the body needing extra rest around healing sessions, so feel free to take a break and let your body catch up.  Do NOT listen to these sessions while driving. You can listen to them anytime you would like, but it is usually easier and more desirable to do before bed or while you fall asleep. 


What if I don't like the music or sound effects? 

If the sounds do not resonate with you, simply turn it down or mute it. You don't have to play the sound or watch the video to receive the energy, but it may help for a more enjoyable experience. 


Do I need to do anything special when I'm doing these audios?

Setting an intention is excellent to do with any healing session especially if you are working with specific issues or regarding situations with other people. With any energy healing, it's very important to drink extra water the days around the sessions. Work such as these sessions use a great amount of energy similar to heavy exercising, so it's important to stay hydrated and not to wait until you are extremely thirsty. Personally, I drink water all day and night so I rarely have that thirsty feeling and can stay on top of it. So many out there are chronically dehydrated, and they are not aware of it. I encourage eating clean/healthy foods around your sessions, but I am also a big advocate of eating/drinking what your body craves. When we listen to our body (with the exception of our unhealthy food/drink addictions) we can realize how incredibly powerful our relationship with it can be. Our body is very good at letting us know what it needs but most don't listen or know how to listen to it. Many find that when they crave certain things it is the body telling them they are deficient in it or during that time it just needs extra to help you Before you eat each day you can sit in silence for a few moment by asking your body what it would like to eat. It may even tell you it doesn't need to eat at that time. You and your body are working together in this lifetime and you are two separate entities. It's important to honor and take care of that vessel since we only have one. Instead of cursing it for things it has wrong, we can can tune in and ask what it needs and ask why it doesn't feel well.  Talking to it is very helpful, and it may be very grateful that you are giving it a chance to communicate. During my journey I realized my body was extremely angry with me from years of not treating it well. It was a hard pill to swallow to realize many of my problems were my own fault, and my body was reacting to my neglect to it. I basically ran it right into the ground ignoring it's cries to slow down, nurture it, or what fuels it needed to run efficiently. When the body needs to rest, we need to honor it. If we have to make a sacrifice with something else to make that happen, then so be it. We cannot help others if we don't properly take care of ourselves. Being open to receive help is a very big part of this. If you need to ask someone to cover your work shift, watch your kids, or to just let some tasks go so you can rest, then that is what is needed. When you truly invest in your needs, the rest will work its way out as long as you believe it. This is coming from someone with years of experience of why I could not do this. I realize now that was all an illusion.  I could have done all of this, but I chose not to for various reasons. I said phrases constantly like, "I don't have anyone to help me, I don't have time, I can't afford it, I am too tired to do this", etc. If you are the one who takes care of everyone around you, don't feel you are selfish by taking some time for yourself. This was one of my biggest excuses for not nurturing my own needs, as I had to take care of others. However, the higher perspective is if you are neglecting yourself, it's the same as neglecting a loved one. Many nurturing types go through this, but if you choose to really work on healing yourself first, your loved ones will thank you later after you become the best version of you. Often times when we ignore all the signs that we need to change the universe will change it for us, and it's usually a much more difficult route. For example, if you have been chronically ill for years but refused to really get to the bottom of the root cause or to slow down, that could manifest a serious illness where you are bedridden for months to years. However, be mindful there are often hidden blessings when being forced to slow down since it forces us to go deep within ourselves and do heavy inner work especially if we are unable to accomplish our previous obligations and need to fill up our time to heal our bodies. 


What can I expect from an energy healing session such as this? 

Everyone experiences this type of work differently depending on what type of work it is, the timing, how often, your current life situation, your body state, etc. There are numerous factors on what one may experience. Personally, whenever I do energy work on myself I tend to have different experiences most times. I normally feel very peaceful, relaxed and tingly during a session which is common for most. It's perfectly alright to fall asleep during, as that will not stop the process. When I'm feeling extra heavy and ready to release a large amount of energy, I may feel drained for a few days after my session or need extra rest. Sometimes when old energy leaves, you feel it leave one last time and it's not always pleasant. It can feel like a heavy or sad energy, but once it all passes you tend to feel much better. Each time I do this, I feel I have reached a new stage in my ascension journey. Sometimes things in the body will flare up temporarily which is a sign it's working on that particular issue. Please seek medical attention if something that comes up is concerning since it can show us what medical issues we need to address. This also applies to thought forms if you find yourself ruminating on certain topics. If any side effects are temporarily uncomfortable, simply ask your guides/higher self/whomever you feel guided to help alleviate your symptoms. I like to ask for the majority of them to release while I'm sleeping. Not everyone experiences unpleasant symptoms, and many feel the exact opposite and quite energized or full of joy.  Generally, the session feels pleasant while you are actively doing it and you may feel deeply relaxed. I was mainly explaining the release process if you are working with very big energies, but setting your intentions for the releasing process to be amazing will maximize your experience. You can manifest the outcome you desire as with anything when you have a positive outlook. Normally, you will feel effects immediately and for a few days/weeks following, but healing can continue to happen for a few months even from one energy healing session with someone. Their are numerous articles online that give information on what to expect from healing sessions such as reiki. I recommend pairing energy work with body detoxes such as foods/supplements. You may naturally feel guided to make those changes by signs/synchronicity regarding certain things. You may fall upon certain diets or see an article about intermittent fasting. I noticed my body would go through intermittent fasting on its own just by not being hungry until certain times. Some weeks I would eat anything but avocado's, nuts, and beans, and it made since with heavy energy waves since our body tends to need more magnesium during those times. You may notice very bizarre cravings and eating patterns. Just go with it without judgement. Folks tend to eat alot of potatoes that are grounding for our energy during major cosmic shifts. Cosmic shifts tend to coincide with the moon cycles or solar storms and they can be hard on the body especially the stomach. You may notice your body reacts much differently around these cycles, and your symptoms and experiences might make so much more sense after you follow the patterns and rhythms. Women are particularly affected by the moon cycles, but working with them to your advantage can really help your journey. Anyone who follows the full moon schedule and is consistently surrounded by others will notice it can change the energy greatly. 


What particular methods do you use when creating these audios?

I use numerous techniques when I create all of my healing audios. I could work with over 5 types of reiki, my Shamanic training, love from my heart, my intentions, my spirit guides, crystals, essential oils, etc. It all depends on the type of session/topic I am doing.


How does this all work remotely?

Think of it as a cell phone. You don't need to be in physical proximity to another to be able to talk to them. We are all connected, and energy doesn't need space nor time. It just exists and can go where it needs. You purchasing an audio is giving consent to receive this energy to heal yourself. 


Do you have any extra advice regarding my healing journey?

You believing in the power of the healing will only help you since our thoughts manifest our reality. Those who remain open to all possibilities in their life invite all possibilities into their life. Someone else who has a limited view/outlook on life, may not have as many possible outcomes manifest in theirs. That's why we must not judge another's journey, because their truth may not be yours. Staying fixed on this ascension journey could close doors on certain outcomes, possibilities, and even miracles to manifest in our lives. For example, if you were told by a doctor you have an "incurable" disease and believe it, you most likely will not be able to cure it. Don't own definites as your truth unless you indeed want that as your truth. Things are not black or white, and we have the power to manifest everything we desire. If you feel you are always tired, sick, broke, unlovable, untalented, unsuccessful, stressed out, etc, you will most likely continue manifesting those things. When we switch our perspective and mindset to focus on the things we want, we start and continue to manifest them. Stating, writing, or listening to positive affirmations regularly can completely change your life.  You can do an internet search on positive affirmation videos to listen to and play in the background while you are working, relaxing, exercising, falling asleep, etc. It took me several years of very heavy work on myself to realize my biggest enemy was my own mind. Stating or writing things like you already have them is key such as: I am abundant, I have more than enough money to provide for myself, I am fearless, all my dreams and desires manifest instantly, I am full of joy, I have super human health and am full of energy during the day and sleep well at night, etc. Yes, you may feel like you are a big liar at first, but try it for 21 days and see how your life and mindset changes as you change your negative beliefs about yourself which are just illusions and old programming. Much of our limiting beliefs are from our past experiences especially childhood. You can create manifestation lists that name everything you desire (writing them as you already have them) and you can burn them for added intentions. Many do these types of techniques on new or full moons. New moons tend to be for manifesting, and full moons tend to be for releasing. Personally, I use both the new and full moons and create two separate lists. One list filled with what I want to release in my life, and another on what I desire and concluding them with "and so it is, it is done" followed by burning the two papers. Remember to write both lists as you have already released or have manifested them. You do not need to burn the paper or even write this down since intentions are key however it may increase the power in your intentions.


Follow the signs and synchronicity in your daily life. This is the fun part. If you see the same animal constantly within a few days or a week, look up that animal online such as "bear power animal" "bear spirit animal" "bear totem animal". The bear popping up could be a sticker on a car, someone saying "bear", seeing real bears on random videos, signs, etc. You will know when something is repeating whether it's an animal, insect, number, person's name, situations, etc. You can look up angel numbers if you are seeing repeating ones all over, but they are not always angel numbers and are mainly divine codes/activations being sent to you. 


Quick breathing technique to help calm the mind and body down-While sitting or lying take a very deep, long breath in through your nose and as much air as you can. Now, take another breath on top of that breath you are holding to get the biggest breath you can muster in your lungs. Hold as long as you comfortably can, then slowly let all of that air out through your mouth. When you reach the end, push even more breath out than you thought you had. Repeat 3-5 times. This is an excellent way to calm the mind and body down which puts you in an ideal state to tune into energy or to just calm your body down during particular times. When done properly, this technique can help change your life, especially those that tend to be more high strung or just have hectic lives. Making the time to do it will most likely be your biggest challenge, but remember it only takes a few minutes.   


Starting  journal on this path is incredibly helpful. Recording your dreams, thoughts, experiences, healing sessions, etc all can really help you with your process. Many times things that come up may not be relevant for months or even years later. Dreams are very powerful whether they are metaphors, you playing out past, present, future scenarios or situations that are being healed right now. You will know the important ones as they will feel very real, and you may think about them the entire day or even days or years later. Talk therapy whether it's with a professional, friend, family, or loved on is key. If you do work with a professional, I highly recommend finding one who is open to spirituality or actually doubles as a energy worker. You want to feel safe and not judged with some of these things you will want to talk about. Folks who are not awake/awakening don't understand, and if you are holding everything in out of fear of being labeled, then you are not going to get much out of it. Let's be real, much of the people waking up spiritually are labeled "crazy" because topics that come up tend to be too much for those who don't believe and aren't at the point yet to have this level of understanding. Throughout the years especially recently, many of the people who judged these types of topic/beliefs are actually starting to ask questions or believe themselves. If you are on social media you may notice these people changing. Also, please remain humble because those who once judged you may later need your help, and a big, "I told you so" or resentment won't help anyone's journey. One type of technology that can catapult your journey is an app or feature that allows video calls. When you record your words on how and what you communicate and watch it back, you may be shocked on how much your words may be hindering your growth. Many times you won't notice your negative self talk while in the moment. This is also good practice to build up your confidence if you are more of an introvert. The apps that allow you to record a video and the other can watch it at their convenience is great since live calls can be tough to touch base at the  exact time as someone else. 


Many feel overwhelmed when they first start this journey unsure where to start or worrying they are "doing it all wrong".  Don't get so wrapped up on how to do things. The main questions I have gotten throughout the years consisted of asking what the best techniques such as working with crystals or clearing your own energy were. My biggest advice is to look up methods online and choose one that resonates or is fun/easy then go with it. As I mentioned, the POWER is in your mind and not "how" you do a certain technique. You can constantly try new methods as the sky is the limit. So many, including myself years back, gave away their power so concerned that they needed the right teacher to teach the particular/best method. It doesn't work that way, and just choose what feels good inside, what resonates, what is fun, what is easiest, and basically what just fits for you. While I don't feel a particular technique is better regarding spiritual protection, I do feel this is important to practice daily. We are essentially walking around like a lint trap potentially picking up everything we come in contact with. Our energy is constantly interacting and blending with others and most others out there don't have the loveliest of energy during this period of time with all the collective purging. Clearing your energy daily is important as well as preparing sacred space whenever you work with healing energy. Again, I advise looking up techniques and going with some. They can be as simple and fast as picturing yourself in a healing white bubble of protection to cleanse or to picture the same to cleanse something else such as a crystal. Or it can be extensive as a multi-step, detailed ceremony. It's all up to you. Archangel  Michael is amazing to assist with protection and clearing energy. 

When seeking guidance from others who are considered mentors, guides, teachers, energy workers, or really anyone for that matter, please  do your own work and research before reaching out. If you have a question it is important to take time to find the answer yourself whether it's reading through the person's website, doing online searches, or asking others you trust. This ensures you are doing your own work and not being co-dependent and forcing others to do it for you. Many don't realize that "healer's", mentors, guides,  and energy workers are just like you going through this entire process individually as well, and we are not spared just because we are helping others.  We are all equals here on this planet regardless what some may think. You may be having your life fall apart, but many of us also are going  through this.  It's incredibly draining to have to do heavy work for others such as doing an online search for you when you could be doing it for yourself or answering numerous questions  that are all outlined and answered on our particular websites.  Many of us have a purpose of helping a very large amount of people and every time we need to leak our own energy doing these extra tasks takes time away from those in great need. Most of us are not in a life situation where we can keep a long open dialogue up individually with multiple individuals, and many have to disconnect as much as possible while we integrate these energies to conserve our vessel so we can continue helping others. Not only that but being connected too much electronically can be extremely toxic, and the world would be a much better place with more folks off grid and offline.  is recommended if you have a question to take 24-48 hours to do your own research. If you still don't have your questions answered, it's perfectly alright to reach out for guidance. This can apply to anything in your life as it helps keep us accountable .  Due to it being 2019, much of the answers are online if you do research. I suggest looking at numerous websites on the same topic to get a broad perspective then intuitively go with what resonates. Also remember truth changes so what may be true today may not be true tomorrow so remain open. In addition, what my truth is may not be your truth, and every one of us is our own master, so don't rely on anyone to be the master of you. You are the master, you know yourself better than anyone else, and take anything you hear with a grain of salt and find your own truth. The day of people worshiping  others as idols or perceiving them as better or higher up than us is over since we no longer need to be sheep. We are in the age of all of us returning to our own sovereignty.  However, to reach this state, guidance of others can really help who tend to share similar beliefs or truths. (Remember you create your own reality, so if you limit your possibilities , you are limiting your possible future truths. ) There are numerous folks on social media such as youtube, facebook, or instagram who have a mission to be more interactive on those platforms with others where you can ask questions. But also be mindful some of them offer their service and are unable to be interactive with all the questions and comments, and your interaction with others following their posts are just as helpful.  Do not take it personal if the mentor does not sit online 24/7 answering comments since many need to conserve their energy to ensure they can continue to offer their service. Some will post information daily and never respond to a comment, others can respond to every comment posted.  Please don't judge as we all have our particular missions and how much time we spend on each project we are working on. Personally, I removed myself from social media years ago to protect my own energy. I have disconnected from much of the online world since my journey required this. I prefer to stay offline, get outside, and listen more. Facebook groups are very helpful for topics you are interested in, however, there will probably be a time you are ready to fly on your own, and you will outgrow them. Just follow your intuition and I don't advise being in a group with too much negative energy. If the overall vibe is major anger, suffering, projection, attacking, or it is just negative, it is not going to help your growth only hinder it. They were very helpful when my process started (and for others I know) then the time may come where you need to go. Some folks are stuck in continuous cycles of hurt and pain projecting everything that has went wrong in their lives on other people or situations. The reality is, we signed up and planned our lives this way. We setup these scenarios for our own growth and lessons and we are not the victim. This will take time to realize, and it is perfectly okay to have that hurt and anger until you are ready to look at a larger perspective. We  also need to be heard and release which can involve talking about our pain.  If you have a serious physical or mental issue or certain life circumstances, it's very helpful to sit back and pause thinking about what this situation is teaching you since it has happened in your life to teach you something. Then after you can step into this perspective and go deep within in your answers, that is the time to be proactive on getting through it. This is coming from someone who was stuck in  a continuous loop of victim mentality for far longer than needed. What I have written in this paragraph is based on my own mistakes, experiences, and feedback from numerous other folks like myself who help others. Every single major life tragedy, disaster, or loss  has taught or healed something deep within me. If I didn't see this higher perspective until after it was over, then I just say, "Okay, universe, I see what you did there, thank you. "


Working with your higher self is very important to become the sovereign beings we were meant to. When much of your inner work is done, you won't need to follow anyone but yourself. You will notice you are guided in the right direction or guided elsewhere if something wasn't for your highest good. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust you are exactly where you need to be at any given time now matter how difficult or painful it may look at the time. 

Don't be so hard hard on yourself.  Nobody is perfect, and we are not supposed to be perfect since  what would be the point in life with that? Chronic perfectionism is toxic for our own well being as it is since being perfect isn't attainable here on earth. What's perfect to me is not what is perfect to you or anyone else. We all make mistakes, and most of us who have this kind of information to share with you is due to all of our mistakes in our own lives. Sometimes you need to fall down on your face, get back up, brush yourself off, and just do it all again. Also, don't be so hard on yourself for making the exact same mistake over and over as this is common. Sometimes when working with repeating toxic karmic loops, it takes many times to finally break the cycle. They say take it one day at a time, well, sometimes you just need to take it one minute at a time. If all you can do is sleep for the time being, then just accept that is all you can do and you are doing your best. Do what you need to do to cope, it's just helpful to make positive choices vs masking our feelings with distractions such as addictions or toxic behavior.  Making those choices will only prolong your journey especially if you are not processing your emotions and numbing them which doesn't allow them to release. Just keep going, you are doing great, things will get better, but only if you believe it since you will create what you believe. If you lose absolutely everything and everyone in your life, don't worry, you will get through to the other side as long as you persevere, work on yourself, and just do the best you can. But when you do get to  the other side and create the life you had always dreamed of, don't forget your past, what you have been through, stay humble, and hopefully you can share with others what helped you get through just like I am doing now.  


We are essentially just avatars playing out a big game of life that our soul already planned out on what we wanted to learn. Stepping back and outside of certain situations can really help get you through. When situations are not ideal or down right dirty/dramatic/traumatic,sorrowful,  ask yourself, what could this be teaching or healing in me? It is okay if you don't have that answer until you are completely through it, but there will be answers if you change your perspective. The hardest times in my life which include the ones I didn't think I would literally make it through indeed taught me the biggest lessons or I had the biggest growth. The biggest losses in my life served a bigger purpose, and I'm grateful for them. Don't be hard on yourself if your behavior, thoughts, or actions are less than ideal. The late Dolores Cannon has said, "You only need to be at least 51% positive to make the shift". I have heard this percentage several instances throughout my journey. Many times what we see as mistakes or setbacks on our path with less than ideal behavior is movement forward as we can notice the patterns we want to change or are releasing them. Sometimes it will need to play out in a big way to release it once and for all.


Forgiveness is important on this journey of others and yourself including all spaces and time.  Ho'oponopono is a powerful Hawaiian practice that can accelerate the process. You can look it up, and it's incredibly simple to do and merely stating the phrase, "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you" repetitively. Forgiveness is for you not for them. When you fully forgive a person especially the actions from others or yourself that seem "unforgivable" you may notice miracles happen in your life. Some of our life situations/cycles are karmic that we have been playing over and over again with others unable to break them. They will repeat until we finally learn our lessons, heal, and can break the cycle for good. Practicing forgiveness is one of the main cycles with situations playing out where we just had too much hurt, anger, and pain to forgive another. But when you commit to addressing it, to surrender to it all, take a higher perspective, you can stop this once and for all. We can get out of victim mode and not allow another to take away our power anymore. Don't give the situation any more energy and understand the other played a certain role for us to experience certain things as well as them to see their "wrongs".  Before we incarnated, we had a little meeting with all the people we would interact with this life and everyone established their roles and we all agreed to them. Since I am human, yes, I do have to remind myself of this often!  Also, nobody should tell you that you have to forgive someone. They are not walking in your shoes, and you will do what you need to do for your own journey and well  being.  Forgiveness can help, but ultimately, this is your life and your decision which you know what is best for you. Thank everyone in your life for their role in your journey since they have helped mold you into who you are today and who you will become. Then, cut the cords with them and let them go. (You can purchase a cord cutting audio from me or you can research how to do them yourself which is a continuous process as you can only cut so many cords at any given time). If you are still tied to them in some way, speak your truth, but don't engage in dark shadow side behavior with them. It may take you some practice to surrender and let their negative behavior go (even if it's immoral or unethical) but once you get there, you will feel free. When you no longer allow them to affect you and give your power away to them it is life changing. They have their own journey, and one day just like everyone else, there will be karma due whether it's positive or negative. If you are there to witness their negative karma, it's important to be humble and compassionate since we don't want to create more negative karma for ourselves by enjoying their suffering with revenge or gloating. Also, remember we have all played out light and dark roles in our journeys this lifetime and others for our soul growth. That's why it's important to forgive ourselves even if you don't have memories of them. The oldest of souls have played out endless scenarios with both the light and shadow sides of human involvement. If you are in a situation that feels incredibly dark, wrong, and full of injustice, remember and believe that you will reach the other side. Trust and believe that your time to shine will come. If you work hard to be a "good person" and help others, do the right thing, and just make the world a better place, you will reap what you sow. Just be patient if it is taking longer than you anticipated. We cannot rush our healing process, and the big picture is we are able to heal miraculously fast compared to any other times, even if it doesn't feel that way. If you have ruminating thoughts of hurt and anger towards another that you just can't seem to stop, you can pray for them and that situation. It can be incredibly difficult to pray for certain people in our lives that may have done the unthinkable, but you will most likely notice immediate changes after your are proactive about doing it. It can take you years to even attempt to pray for a certain person who has hurt you and that's okay. Just do the best you can. Remember those who do the most harm usually need the most help. Also, remember you will be guided to many who have similar stories as you and who also experienced great hurt, suffering, or injustice. It's very common to meet people on your path who will tell you that they have lost everything. You are not alone. We are all in this together, and we no longer have to feel like the black sheep. Those of you who never truly felt you have fit in during your life....that is all changing. Welcome to the Great Awakening. :)





While my clients have reported amazing results, All is Well Healing services are for entertainment purposes and tools to use on your journey. I'm not a medical practitioner, and cannot give you medical advice only examples on what works for myself or has with others. With any ailments or concerns with your mind and body, please seek medical or alternative care first and foremost such as Western or Eastern medical practitioners, doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. since healing audio sessions should not replace proper medical care.  Using a combo of these things can help tremendously. I do not make any claims to be able to fix or cure, as you are in charge of your own healing and I'm merely a vessel to direct energy. My words are my own personal opinions and truths which may or may not resonate with you. As the saying goes, "Take what resonates and leave the rest".