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**Healing Audio Q &A and My Perspective**

My goal is to provide more than enough information so you aren't left with numerous questions, have a better understanding how energy healing works, as well as help guide you if you are feeling stuck or unsure where to start.  I've discontinued my one-on-one private remote healing sessions due to my guidance directing me to a different path. The collective needs have changed since I started doing energy healing work years back. Since I am only one person, I was very limited on the amount of people I could help on their journey. The goal of these healing sessions was both to reach massive amounts of people and also for a more cost effective energy exchange. Many in the depth of their ascension journey reach periods of limited financial assets which is a very important part of the journey so we can heal and release blocks regarding money, abundance, and lack mentality. During my own hardships, I relied on tools similar to these or being humble enough to be open to receive help from others. What you think manifests, so it's key to focus on what you want and not what you don't want. Everything is energy, and what you put out, you get back, and that includes spending money. When I started investing in myself with energy healing sessions or tools, I started to receive more and more abundance especially financial. For so long I felt I could not get the healing I needed, because I did not have the money. I eventually realized it didn't work that way, so once I started spending the money, it would come back to me, and I was investing in myself which always has a great return. This includes other pampering and doing little things for yourself. Once you start doing it, you will see how things will start to flow. Even if it's as simple as a salt bath, foot soak, time alone in nature, or turning off your cell phone 


Who is healing me? 

It is important to remember that I am not healing you. There are many misconceptions out there about healers, and people believing they are healing them. Some healers may claim to be healing you or use words implying they are. However, you are a healer, and you are initiating your own healing by consenting to an energy worker to be a vessel/conduit to help deliver the energy to you. When you book a session with someone who does energy work, you are ready to heal/release whatever needs to at that given time, so please don't give your power away by thinking someone else is "healing" you. You are an all powerful being, and you are in charge of your own healing journey. With this higher perspective, it also applies to other practitioners out there such as doctors. They may be delivering techniques, medicine, procedures, etc to help your healing, however, your soul initiated it and is ready to heal whatever needs healing at that time. Sometimes when you work with another energy worker you can receive results much faster than working on yourself alone. Many times on our journey we are just too exhausted or burnt out to take all the extra steps to work on ourselves. That's why these sessions or any others are helpful to help make things easier. You can't beat lying in bed falling asleep playing an audio. I did it for years, as it felt like I was cheating, but it's not cheating, it's just efficient. If you fall asleep, the healing does not stop. 


How many sessions do I need and when should I do them? 

You are the only one that knows the answer to that. Our higher selves know all, and when we tune in we can get all of our questions answered if we really listen. You can look up different methods on how to tune into your higher self, but, ultimately, just do whatever works best for you. Those that may be going through alot may want to go into meditation if you are struggling with having peace in your daily life since a calm mind helps us tune in better. However, all you need to do is take a few very deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 3-5 very long breaths can do wonders to calm your body down. Once relaxed simply ask your higher self your question and wait for the answer. Whatever comes to your mind and feels like a "yes" is what I would go with. Whenever seeking guidance in this way, you will feel if something is a definite "no". It takes time to really tune in to guidance and our higher selves since we tend to second guess it alot at first. Just keep practicing as that's all you need to do. Another method with any questions about your journey is writing it down on a piece of  paper, giving gratitude and thanks, and placing it under your mattress/pillow. This works for me every time and I've heard similar from others. Typically, once you forget the paper is there the answer will come.  You can also include a list of your desires/what you want to release in your life with this method and write the phrase "and so it is, it is done" at the end. One fun question to ask is "Who is my soul really, and where do I come from?" That's one where I had forgotten I wrote the note and a few months later so much unfolded. Follow where you are guided, signs, and synchronicity. You can loop the sessions to play a few times and play as often as you feel guided. Just listen to your body. Some experience the body needing extra rest around healing sessions, so feel free to take a break and let your body catch up.  Do NOT listen to these sessions while driving. You can listen to them anytime you would like, but it is usually easier and more desirable to do before bed or while you fall asleep. 


What if I don't like the music or sound effects? 

If the sounds do not resonate with you, simply turn it down or mute it. You don't have to play the sound or watch the video to receive the energy, but it may help for a more enjoyable experience. 


Do I need to do anything special when I'm doing these audios?

Setting an intention is excellent to do with any healing session especially if you are working with specific issues or regarding situations with other people. With any energy healing, it's very important to drink extra water the days around the sessions. Work such as these sessions use a great amount of energy similar to heavy exercising, so it's important to stay hydrated and not to wait until you are extremely thirsty. Personally, I drink water all day and night so I rarely have that thirsty feeling and can stay on top of it. So many out there are chronically dehydrated, and they are not aware of it. I encourage eating clean/healthy foods around your sessions, but I am also a big advocate of eating/drinking what your body craves. When we listen to our body (with the exception of our unhealthy food/drink addictions) we can realize how incredibly powerful our relationship with it can be. Our body is very good at letting us know what it needs but most don't listen or know how to listen to it. Many find that when they crave certain things it is the body telling them they are deficient in it or during that time it just needs extra to help you Before you eat each day you can sit in silence for a few moment by asking your body what it would like to eat. It may even tell you it doesn't need to eat at that time. You and your body are working together in this lifetime and you are two separate entities. It's important to honor and take care of that vessel since we only have one. Instead of cursing it for things it has wrong, we can can tune in and ask what it needs and ask why it doesn't feel well.  Talking to it is very helpful, and it may be very grateful that you are giving it a chance to communicate. During my journey I realized my body was extremely angry with me from years of not treating it well. It was a hard pill to swallow to realize many of my problems were my own fault, and my body was reacting to my neglect to it. I basically ran it right into the ground ignoring it's cries to slow down, nurture it, or what fuels it needed to run efficiently. When the body needs to rest, we need to honor it. If we have to make a sacrifice with something else to make that happen, then so be it. We cannot help others if we don't properly take care of ourselves. Being open to receive help is a very big part of this. If you need to ask someone to cover your work shift, watch your kids, or to just let some tasks go so you can rest, then that is what is needed. When you truly invest in your needs, the rest will work its way out as long as you believe it. This is coming from someone with years of experience of why I could not do this. I realize now that was all an illusion.  I could have done all of this, but I chose not to for various reasons. I said phrases constantly like, "I don't have anyone to help me, I don't have time, I can't afford it, I am too tired to do this", etc. If you are the one who takes care of everyone around you, don't feel you are selfish by taking some time for yourself. This was one of my biggest excuses for not nurturing my own needs, as I had to take care of others. However, the higher perspective is if you are neglecting yourself, it's the same as neglecting a loved one. Many nurturing types go through this, but if you choose to really work on healing yourself first, your loved ones will thank you later after you become the best version of you. Often times when we ignore all the signs that we need to change the universe will change it for us, and it's usually a much more difficult route. For example, if you have been chronically ill for years but refused to really get to the bottom of the root cause or to slow down, that could manifest a serious illness where you are bedridden for months to years. However, be mindful there are often hidden blessings when being forced to slow down since it forces us to go deep within ourselves and do heavy inner work especially if we are unable to accomplish our previous obligations and need to fill up our time to heal our bodies. 


What can I expect from an energy healing session such as this? 

Everyone experiences this type of work differently depending on what type of work it is, the timing, how often, your current life situation, your body state, etc. There are numerous factors on what one may experience. Personally, whenever I do energy work on myself I tend to have different experiences most times. I normally feel very peaceful, relaxed and tingly during a session which is common for most. It's perfectly alright to fall asleep during, as that will not stop the process. When I'm feeling extra heavy and ready to release a large amount of energy, I may feel drained for a few days after my session or need extra rest. Sometimes when old energy leaves, you feel it leave one last time and it's not always pleasant. It can feel like a heavy or sad energy, but once it all passes you tend to feel much better. Each time I do this, I feel I have reached a new stage in my ascension journey. Sometimes things in the body will flare up temporarily which is a sign it's working on that particular issue. Please seek medical attention if something that comes up is concerning since it can show us what medical issues we need to address. This also applies to thought forms if you find yourself ruminating on certain topics. If any side effects are temporarily uncomfortable, simply ask your guides/higher self/whomever you feel guided to help alleviate your symptoms. I like to ask for the majority of them to release while I'm sleeping. Not everyone experiences unpleasant symptoms, and many feel the exact opposite and quite energized or full of joy.  Generally, the session feels pleasant while you are actively doing it and you may feel deeply relaxed. I was mainly explaining the release process if you are working with very big energies, but setting your intentions for the releasing process to be amazing will maximize your experience. You can manifest the outcome you desire as with anything when you have a positive outlook. Normally, you will feel effects immediately and for a few days/weeks following, but healing can continue to happen for a few months even from one energy healing session with someone. Their are numerous articles online that give information on what to expect from healing sessions such as reiki. I recommend pairing energy work with body detoxes such as foods/supplements. You may naturally feel guided to make those changes by signs/synchronicity regarding certain things. You may fall upon certain diets or see an article about intermittent fasting. I noticed my body would go through intermittent fasting on its own just by not being hungry until certain times. Some weeks I would eat anything but avocado's, nuts, and beans, and it made since with heavy energy waves since our body tends to need more magnesium during those times. You may notice very bizarre cravings and eating patterns. Just go with it without judgement. Folks tend to eat alot of potatoes that are grounding for our energy during major cosmic shifts. Cosmic shifts tend to coincide with the moon cycles or solar storms and they can be hard on the body especially the stomach. You may notice your body reacts much differently around these cycles, and your symptoms and experiences might make so much more sense after you follow the patterns and rhythms. Women are particularly affected by the moon cycles, but working with them to your advantage can really help your journey. Anyone who follows the full moon schedule and is consistently surrounded by others will notice it can change the energy greatly. 


What particular methods do you use when creating these audios?

I use numerous techniques when I create all of my healing audios. I could work with over 5 types of reiki, my Shamanic training, love from my heart, my intentions, my spirit guides, crystals, essential oils, etc. It all depends on the type of session/topic I am doing.


How does this all work remotely?

Think of it as a cell phone. You don't need to be in physical proximity to another to be able to talk to them. We are all connected, and energy doesn't need space nor time. It just exists and can go where it needs. You purchasing an audio is giving consent to receive this energy to heal yourself. 


Do you have any extra advice regarding my healing journey?

For those on the ascension path, you will know when you are in your sovereignty and full creative power when you no longer need to find answers outside of yourself. Guidance and mentors can be beneficial to get your footing, but eventually if you want to fully create intentionally you will need to let them go. They are only sharing their perspective (the reality they are creating which has nothing to do with yours unless you want to create what they are). Everything you read in books, online, or hear from another is their perspective, their truth, their beliefs, so be very careful what you are allowing to enter your energy field. We are all masters, and what the world/someone is doing has nothing to do with you unless you want to join in on their reality. Every single thought/belief you have is what you are creating, and every single bit of information you absorb and believe to be true is also your creation. Nobody else has power over you unless you believe they do. You are not stuck/sick/going to get sick unless you believe you are consistently. You have the power to change anything in your life. Wishing intentions on another (even if you feel they are justified) are wishing those intentions on yourself. If you judge enough, you will be judged. I learned a very hard lesson regarding this when I experienced being wronged in a very horrific and drawn-out way that turned my life upside down, losing nearly everything for 4 years straight. The beginning of my ascension journey I was using/misusing my creative power without understanding how it works. The next leg in my journey I grasped a better idea of how it works and had instant karma while I could see proof and confirmations. I used to think things were done to me coming from a power outside of myself, then I realized I was pulling all the strings in my life intentionally or unintentionally. Many big life experiences are created by us without our understanding, but those situations tend to become more clear later why we would want that experience to unfold and the way it did. It may look like someone else is controlling your life, but at some point your soul agreed to experience that experience for one reason or another. Did you put yourself in a controlled situation because you lived a life of needing to control everything? Did you need to shift out of a certain situation to get into a higher timeline? Did you need to slow down and rest to work on yourself and heal your soul wounding/master your creative power? You can practice what I say if someone wrongs you by consistently wishing negative karma/revenge upon them. Eventually, you may be perceived as punished by an external force such as for something you did not do and in a severe way. It is just a lesson in mastering our energy and being mindful of our creative power. Everything you give power to has power. If you believe superstition has power then it will. If you believe certain symbols have power then they will. If you believe a hex or curse has power over you then they will. All you need to do is change your beliefs on what you give power to. You can break a curse instantly by no longer believing in its power. If a certain symbol is used by someone who misuses power to cause harm it only has a negative energy and power for you if you believe that. Some will not go anywhere near certain symbols that were utilized by darker intentions fearing them and feeling the symbols were hijacked and will cause you harm. That is only true if you believe that, which I do not and I will work with whatever I want since my intentions are full of goodness and will only create goodness since I believe it to be so. It can even go as far as what you believe about other people. If you believe certain groups are negative and only do harm, someone of those groups may constantly play those roles in your life or what you see. If you believe someone in your life is an evil narcissist who wants to control your life, then you will co-create with them having them manifest as a person who appears to be controlling your life with narcissistic behaviors. You can shift out of that energy by seeing good qualities in them. The more you drop your labels of them based on their actions and focus on their positive traits the more you will see those come out in them. If you believe your partner is going to cheat/betray you and are constantly thinking about it, you can bring that manifestation to life. If you believe you are destined to have a hard life and constantly be poor then that is the life you are going to manifest.  If we believe our body has to age then it is going to age. The aging process is all programming, and it only happens because people believe it. If you believe a health issue is your fate because it was hereditary, then you most likely are going to create that. We can literally morph into looking differently if we truly believe we can. Personally, I have been working heavily on reversing my age process throughout the years and I am now seeing proof right in front of my eyes. We don't need to succumb to gray hair, wrinkles, ailments, etc if we don't believe we will. Women having children over 40 don't need to experience anything different than someone in their 20's unless you believe it will.  Everything you read regarding the body and so called science doesn't need to be you reality, unless you want it to by belief. I am not even touching on the intentional misinformation regarding that either. We do not realize so much of what unfolds in our lives is our negative thoughtforms we give life to. We essentially need to relearn nearly everything we were taught and feel like a newborn baby learning how to do everything all over again and nearly in the opposite way. It can be exhausting, I know, but my biggest lessons were doing what I call mistakes and learning from them (even though I do not believe there is such a thing as a mistake and see everything as a lesson/experience which I go through daily still.)


If it is your path to reach this point of full sovereignty you will know when you get there as you will feel it deep within your bones and cells. You may believe it but the full shift happens when you are fully into the feeling/knowing of it. That is where the magic is and when you become your own magician and intentionally create your dream life. You will know when this happens since you will drop nearly every belief you had before and can no longer relate to the person you were before. You may feel you are in your own world compared to everyone else, and are focused entirely in the now or what you are wanting to create. Your faith/strength may become unshakeable, and you may see how everything you went through was worth it. You may feel a complete surrender to everything and be able to go with the flow of whatever comes up knowing it is all meant to be and is being shown to us for a reason. You may not agree with what someone else is choosing for their life, but you can find the strength within you to accept that it is their journey and they are choosing that path for their own soul growth. Personally, right before I release a massive blockage or heal a major wound/end a cycle there is usually a climatic, intense situation that can be emotionally, physically, and spiritually brutal where I can not take much more. When I feel at the absolute end of my rope unable to experience a certain experience a minute longer without feeling an ounce of life force energy to keep moving forward then bam..a breakthrough happens and everything shifts. It is like going through the eye of the needle or even giving birth. I have gone through it over and over again with different breakthroughs. It is sort of like when you warp into another world in a video game. You may wake up one morning and things are unrecognizable. That doesn't mean we won't get triggered or are done with learning lessons or having life challenges, but it can help us see a higher perspective and enable us to get out of lower energies quickly. Dropping all labels about others and myself helped me get to this place, and every truth I hear from another is taken with a grain of salt as I go to my heart to feel my own truth. I can co-create with others who may share some of my own truths, but ultimately, I am always the captain of my own ship and I can change my truths/beliefs as often as they are felt. I now hesitate when others ask me for guidance since I am fully aware they are their own captain, and prefer to avoid hindering their growth. So, I'm only sharing my perspective which doesn't have to be your own. Be very careful with intuitive information as everything out there that is spiritual/intuitive has the ability to manifest in your world, so if you hear something you perceive as negative and you fear or believe it, you can just bring it in. Stone metaphysical properties are the same thing. I prefer to stay clear of any information that foretells my future since I will be the creator of that not another. I caused tremendous blockages in my life believing another's truth (or what they thought was my future/truth) when my heart was feeling something else. I was blocking what my heart wanted, trusting someone else's information or I literally brought in what they predicted even though I didn't want it since I believed it. I stopped doing readings for others because of what I allowed myself to manifest with giving my power away regarding psychic information. I didn't want to do that to others. Even though we are living amongst billions of people, we are all going through our own journey. Everything is individual, so we are all on different timelines of how that unfolds. Some believe the entire collective is going to war with each other, but we are essentially going to war within ourselves. The battle of our minds, programming, limiting beliefs, old wounds, and it is internal not external. We are merely learning how to use or misuse our power. However, we have external players that can play a part in our own internal journey. You literally get to make your entire world up like waving a magic wand. We choose what we give energy to in every moment. Responding/not responding or not reacting is our choice. Some believe others who remain silent during what they feel is injustice is part of the problem, yet many who don't respond have mastered their energy and are choosing on what they put their attention to. They may not see your perspective the way you do, and are putting energy towards other things in their life. Much out there these days is misinformation, and many intuitive people can feel it so are very careful in what they focus on. There are also many intuitives who are not able to tap into their full power yet and are being led by others and their beliefs. You can tell this by those who are constantly expressing we are in a war of good vs evil (We are actually essentially in a war within our own mind balancing our light/dark working towards being in zero point vs duality to master our energy and creative power.) However, our experience may very well feel like a war between light vs dark with external players, I do admit. Some things are not directly in front of us to face and is meant for another. Judging another when we don't know what we don't know may cause us to be judged. Forgiveness has been key in my journey. Sometimes it can take years or even a lifetime or not at all. Getting there personally with certain people actually unlocked things within me, however, I had to fake it until I made it for years. It can be like a layer of an onion coming back up over and over feeling you thought you already healed it yet there was more. Remember, much of our wounding can go on for lifetimes with the same souls, situations, or within our bloodlines/lineage. It can take time, and only you will be ready when you are ready. If you decided to never be ready, that is also your choice. It doesn't mean you have to agree with what someone did, it just means you can free yourself by acknowledging you can let it go and accept that another made a life choice that they needed for their own soul growth. Forgiveness if for you and for you to free yourself from being tied to something so heavily. Remember, forgiveness does not mean you agree with what they did if it caused you or someone else harm. It is just letting something go that is binding to you and taking your power back not letting it affect you anymore. Each soul makes their choices and experiences the consequences of their choices in their own time.


Financial is a huge thing right now. All I can say is working on the energy of having everything you desire is key. It is already created, we just need to match the frequency to bring it in. We have to clear the wounding, blocks, obstacles, and programming regarding money/abundance first before we can effectively manifest. Constantly fearing you don't have enough money brings in not enough money. Manifesting just enough to get by will bring in just enough to get by. You can bring in whatever you want. If you want to be a millionaire to experience a certain life for yourself or to share with others, then you (any one of you) can have that. You just have to do the work to get there. Having a healthy relationship with money takes some work for some. To not view it as "bad" or negative feeling it's the root of all evil (I used to feel this way and had to heal my thoughts regarding it as I was repelling it.) We are currently in times where we usually need it to survive unlike the old days where communities traded energies/services. Money is just energy, and we attach to it what we feel about it. I choose to love it now and share it with love. Since money is energy you must give it out to get a flow for it to come back. Holding onto it with dear life shows that you do not want more of it and are fearing you do not have enough. Once I started to spend money on myself for self-care even when I did not think I could afford it, the money came right back! I refused medical care for years as I did not feel I could afford it. When I started to actually go when I knew something needed the care of a doctor since it became dangerous the money came right back. Not only did the money come back wiping out those medical bills, I even had any future bills wiped out for about half a year all because I chose to receive medical care when I knew my body needed it even though I did not think I had the money to pay for it. Every bill I am able to pay I have gratitude for that blessing. I am constantly running thoughts through my head with everything I receive (when I remember) how grateful I am. I bless my food and water, and now consciously drink water by stating my intentions for my life/day with each sip. I thank my food/water and everyone involved in getting it to me as well as the money to be able to pay for it. Every package that comes to my door is thanked in gratitude, and I will give gratitude for any wonderful experience I go through as simple as my hungry squirrels hanging upside down from my birdfeeders as they chew the newest ones I just put up! I even was grateful for the laugh I had when I grabbed my little Dachshund's nose thinking it was the tv remote control. lol. Just know when someone is going through a rough time advising them to be grateful for what they have vs complaining most likely won't go over well. Just being an ear while they get out can be best. Many don't want you to try and fix them, they are just needing someone to hold space for them. Trying to fix them will most likely backfire, and it's not how I work either. If someone asks for your input, you can suggest things, but ultimately, they need to do their journey their way not necessarily yours especially when deep pain, grief, despair, stress, and experiences are happening. Let them be how they need to be now how you think they should be. Avoid judging them on how they are, how they respond, and if they stop talking for hours, days, weeks, years, allow them to do what they need to do to cope and go through their process. People stopping communication is a big theme on this journey. Silence is incredibly healing and beneficial so we can go through our journeys without distractions and chatter. Usually, if someone is silent it has nothing to do with you. Some are living in literal survival mode, and they need every ounce of life force they have to get through. Just holding space and being there for them whenever they can talk again is important. Do not take it personal, as it is usually not about you. Trying to get others to respond adds extra stress on them. Many also have great guilt by not being able to keep in touch with their loved ones, and do not need anymore pressure. Someone going through an intense initiation or ascension journey and not being able to talk to people does not mean they are a bad friend. They need space, and they most likely do not have any extra energy to send your way to ensure they keep facing what is in front of them especially if they are parents or take care of others.


Blocks and obstacles on our journey are lessons to learn how to master our energy and were set up for our own soul growth. Struggling even long term doesn't mean you are doing something wrong. There is a lesson and process in everything. Eventually, when the fears and doubts are removed things will click as your consciousness raises in frequency. You may need to let go of others on your path if theirs doesn't change along with yours since you may feel a clash of energy where things no longer flow. That doesn't mean it's forever, but a separation may be needed for a while. Anyway, the best advice I can give anyone going through a hard time is to know things will get better if that is indeed what you want. Saying "No" more often and "Yes" to self-care as much as possible is key. Listen to your body on what it wants since you are working together. If it says to eat or not eat something or it needs to work less, then listen. Not listening is ignoring our guidance and could result in lessons. For example, if you ignore your body long term when it's basically screaming it needs rest could result in a forced rest. (This happened to me where I was bedridden for several years since I didn't listen). I was also told I may actually die and if I lived I may not ever fully recover. Once I refused to take that as my truth, I was able to change my reality. Don't worry about fears on why you can't rest. When I started to choose rest over work and ignore the fears I wouldn't make enough money I saw magic happen. The money always came and sometimes in the most unusual ways when I chose to listen to my body/intuition. If you are a parent, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you desire help it will come, but we have to accept it. Some of us have trouble accepting help/gifts that we need to work through feeling unworthy or not wanting to burden another. A healthy child/parental relationship is compromise and making sure not one or the other is coming last. We can't properly take care of others if we can't take care of ourselves. Old programming needs to be removed that "only good parents do everything in their life for their kids and don't need their basic needs met or can't do fun things for themselves". Do we want strong, healthy parents raising kids or total hot messes who are emotionally, physically, or spiritually broken down passing that toxic energy onto our children? They are incredibly intuitive and smart; they pick up on everything even if you think you have a great mask on showing how strong you are. Some parents think it's protecting them by hiding what's really going on within, but everything is energy and they can pick up on it especially the newest children on the earth and ones that will be incarnating. Strong boundaries are key, and ensuring you have time to relax/play. I definitely recommend practicing conscious parenting. There are books or articles online that give tips, but essentially, it is just practicing this higher perspective with yourself as well as your children. To remove the programming many of us were raised with power/control/punishment on how to get a desired outcome. It is more about being heart focused. The imbalance will continue causing issues until balance is reached. Living like children is also a great way to keep our energy high. Following their lead about life is more beneficial than reading a book on how this all works. They are not limited with heavy programming like many adults. See the magic in everything! Eventually, we can master our world (more than 50% of the time) with staying in neutrality vs extreme duality and becoming more heart driven with the highest intentions for the good of all. Again, this is my path, my journey, and take everything with a grain of salt. If you don't resonate, don't make it resonate. Paint your canvas how you want it. You don't need to ask anyone how or what the best way is.  You don't need to charge, program, cleanse crystals, work with the moon, smudge your home or in a particular way, etc. You don't need to do any of these steps unless you fully want to.  Astrology, the planets, energies reports, don't dictate our lives. We can work with the energies if we choose so, but they don't have power over us unless we give it to them. You make it up as the power is within you not in a particular way/method/technique/way of being. I am only sharing what I have learned and what works for me (what I am creating now). I still can throw many tantrums about situations in my life, but that means it needs to get out and I will do better the next time. Even my  store can trigger me when someone buys from me and is disappointed yet if they read my description/looked at all of the pictures they would have realized I disclosed everything they were disappointed in which would have eliminated both of us having to deal with a problem and extra stress. lol.  Nobody is perfect, and if you are and have mastered everything you are in the wrong place since that's not what the earth world game is :0


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Remember, if this doesn't resonate then it's not your truth. When something doesn't feel right in our bodies when we read it it means it doesn't resonate. A big challenge we have right now in the world is realizing we all have our own truths. We are basically all wrong or all right so it doesn't make any sense to argue about who is right/wrong. If you tell me that's not how it works, you may be right about your journey, but you are wrong about mine. So, because of all this I now just mind my own business. lol. Especially, because the world is flipped upside down right now. What appears to be up is down and what appears to be down is up. Nothing is as it seems, so focusing on our own journey on what is right in front of us in our little world is key. Eventually, the haze will clear once we master being distracted by the noise. I will admit I don't know a darn thing about your journey. All I know is I have learned a heck of a lot about mine through a lifetime of hardships and intense experiences and changing myself was how I changed my physical world. I have no interest in trying to convince someone to believe my truth. I do not even want to share this information as I no longer have the desire to share with others my personal business. I no longer feel occult guidance is needed to create anything in my life but most of us start out there. I do not want to outwardly express my spirituality or to have the label of spiritual. I do not want to wear any hat just be myself which is just living my life with the principles and beliefs that I now have while understanding the laws of creation. I am only sharing it due to so many asking for my guidance, so I'm just sharing my perspective and how I go through. Nobody should be trying to convince or debate with another on what they should or should not believe. it's different if someone reaches out and asks our perspective, but we should not be giving our power away making someone's else's truth our own or making it the only truth unless you want to create that yourself. If you feel there is only one/or no way to do something do not push that on another since they can create infinite ways to achieve the same goal with having more doors open in their life compared to yours. I now create infinite doors vs a prior truth of creating zero or only one. The only obstacle in our lives is ourselves. We have to get our of our own way to remove all our perceived obstacles. If we are willing to do the work, we can achieve anything. It's all easier said than done, this I know more than I would like. 




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